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Cutter AR-750W-HS-FD-C

Cutter AR-750W-HS-FD-C
• Model name: AR-750W-HS-FD
• Cutting type: Cooled
• Cutting speed / min: based on 200 mm and 100 sheets / min
• Maximum cutting width: 750mm
• Cutting length: 1mm~9999.9mm
• Minimum input unit: 0.1mm
• Cutting type: for both sensor cutting and length cutting
• Adjusting cutting size: Input by Key-Pad (Touch screen)
• Overall dimension for the machine: 1700(L) mm×1050(W)mm×1050(H)mm
• Power: AC220V 60Hz

Product feature
• Cutting print paper and film
• High speed cutting
• Correct cutting using high performance sensors
• High workability by easy-to-setting
• Roll hanger (material feeding device) and feeding conveyor for cutting material is option
• Air shaft for roll hanger is option
※ Since product in above photo is a custom-tailored product from customers, it might be more or less different from that of general specification.