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label cutter(for I-Mark)

label cutter(for I-Mark)
• Model name: AR-50MSC-I
• Application: cutting label
• Materials to be cut off: Woven label, printing label, ribbon tape
• Cutting knife: cooled
• Cutting type: Automatic cutting using sensor (no need to input dimension)
• Cutting speed /min : 270~280 sheets for 60 mm
• Cutting width: 15~48mm
• Cutting length: 1mm~9999.9mm
• Cutting label thickness: 0.15~0.5mm
• Overall dimension: 415(L)X400(W)X360(H)mm
• Weight: 23kg
• Power : AC220V 60Hz(Power other than above specifications is custom tailored produced)

• This machine is able to cut material correctly by sensor detecting a specific position (no need to input cutting dimension)
• Automatic cutting by sensor and cutting by dimension input by selecting mode
• Automatic stop by sensor detecting rear side material when material is empty
• Material doesn't adhere to blade by a brush to prevent static electricity
• Operation becomes available immediately by memorizing data when power is turned On/Off